Mantsinen 200 M – Material Handling Crane

Mantsinen 200 M – Material Handling Crane


STICK FOOT Stick foot is a high tensile steel structure. The use of cast structures in the high load stress areas ensures the component’s strength, durability and long service life. STICK BOX The box of the stick is constructed of two C-profiles using fine-grain steel. The design allows the stick to be constructed with no welding seams in high stress areas, making it light and extremely durable. Hydraulic lines are well protected on sides of the stick.

MAIN BOOM FOOT Main boom foot is constructed of high tensile strength cast steel, providing an extended service life to one of the most stressed structural components of the machine. Double steel plates extend from the boom pivot points to the counterweight, providing an extremely rigid and strong upperstructure frame.

MAIN BOOM BOSSES Main boom bosses are constructed of high tensile cast steel. The optimized design ensures evenly distributed stresses on the boom box structure.


ENGINE The sound insulated engine and pump compartment keeps noise levels at a minimum. The transverse mounted engine is accessible from both sides. Hydraulic pumps are insulated from the engine by protective plates.

RADIATOR Side by side mounted radiator and hydraulic oil cooler provide easy access and cleaning. Fan reversing function continuously cleans radiator screens without interrupting machine operation.

SWING MECHANISM The Mantsinen 200 swing mechanism consists of two swing motors and a heavy-duty three-row roller type slewing ring. Internal teeth run in a grease bath. The swing drive has a separate pump, closed loop circuit providing an extremely smooth and controllable swing function for accurate and safe placement of loads.

SERVICE WALKWAYS The wide internal and external service walkways provide safe and easy access to all service points.


RUBBER TYRE UNDERCARRIAGE Rubber tyre undercarriage is available in different heights. Six-wheel drive provides excellent drawbar pull for operation on uneven surfaces. Large and wide tires minimize surface pressures. Four individually controllable outriggers permit a full 360 degrees of rated loads lifting. The large 2 000 mm x 4 000 mm stabilizer pads are equipped with spherical bearings to adapt to surface conditions. The illustrated machine is equipped with optional dual 4 000 mm x 3 000 mm stabilizer pads.


OPERATOR’S CABIN The spacious, air conditioned operator cab has large windows and a floor window for excellent visibility of loading operations. Stainless steel cab construction ensures a long service life in any environment.

CAB ELEVATOR The Mantsinen N2-6000 cab elevator features independent vertical and horizontal movement to position the operator for maximum visibility of loading targets. Optional N1-3000 cab elevator and three fixed raised cab positions are available to meet the application requirement.


The machine can be delivered with a wide range of attachments for bulk and general cargo handling. Customized attachments are available on request. The Mantsinen hydraulic quick coupling system ensures simple and safe attachment changes in a few minutes.